Friday, 9 December 2016


WALT Describe patterns


Monday, 5 December 2016

pattern T- shirt

WALT: create an original pattern and describe it.

The three little bunnies

WALT: write a narrative based on the Three Little Pigs            DATE:21/11/2016
The three little bunnies

Once upon a time there lived three little bunnies.One day the mum said you are to old so go and live on your own. So they packed up their  suft and they  set off.  So Tulsi made her house out of stone and Milkshake made her house out of sticks and pepa made her house out of an old school . They went to make stuff for their houses and one day the big bad dog came to eat the bunnies he blew down the stone house. then  he blew down the one that was made out of  sticks he blow the house that was made sticks. So they ran to pepa’s house he tried to blow the old school down but it didn’t work so he went down the chimney but the  bunnies had a plan for the big bad dog so when the big bad dog came down the chimney he fell into a big bowl of boiling water. and the bunnies lived happy ever after.